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NLP - what is it - and how does it work?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores the dynamic relationship between:

Neuro - your mind (through which you process your experiences via the 5 senses)

Linguistic - the language you use (both external - communication with others - and internal - 'self-talk')

Programming - the resulting effect on your behaviour (the automatic systems or 'programmes' which we run in our mind to achieve specific results).

We are drawn by our subconscious in two directions, towards that which we are familiar with, from our early experiences, whether 'good' or 'bad' and also towards that which is for our benefit. If these are both drawing us in the same or similar directions, happiness and fulfilment are much easier to achieve than if they are pulling us in opposite directions. When we become aware of these different 'pulls' (such as the effects of an irrational fear) it is still difficult to eradicate them with our conscious mind.

NLP tools and techniques can help us to cut the ties which connect us to these outdated and unhelpful fears. These techniques are aimed at developing effective communication, both externally - between you and someone else -
and internally - replacing that negative self-talk which goes round in our heads:
... 'we can't do it', 'we don't deserve it', 'we're not good enough' etc, with
... 'we CAN do it', 'we DO deserve it', 'we ARE good enough!'

NLP - why would you choose it?

In a surprisingly quick, easy and painless process, I can use NLP to help you positively address issues which may be holding you back from living a fulfilling life - and possibly undermining your health.

NLP techniques are very safe and can be used effectively to increase confidence and remove limitations created by unwanted fears and anxieties. These can be as wide-ranging as a lack of confidence, overcoming a fear of spiders, self-image problems or removing unwanted behaviour patterns.

NLP is also an empowering tool for self-development, enabling you to develop learning strategies, improve your rapport with others and your internal communication skills in order to create effective change and achieve excellence in your chosen field.

NLP has a wide range of applications in many environments, including the fields of business, education, sport, therapy - and especially coping more effectively with everyday life!

NLP - Practical Details

£35 per session

Sessions last up to an hour and can be taken as a one-off or series of sessions.

If you are interested in finding out more about NLP, see the Events Page for details of our NLP and Coaching Practice Group in the Perth area. 


NLP Perth

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