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Nutritional Therapy … why would you choose it?

This safe and effective treatment focuses on a sound, nutritionally-balanced diet as the fundamental basis of good health.

Nutritional Therapy addresses a wide range of health concerns: digestive, inflammatory and skin problems, weight control, headaches, reduced energy, insomnia and stress, to name but a few. In addition, it is also effective for preconceptual planning as an aid to fertility.

Although not a substitute for conventional medical treatment (you are advised to consult your GP with any health conditions before starting nutritional therapy), it may be safely combined with orthodox medicine and it is often found to be helpful for clients with chronic health problems.

As a result of suggested adjustments to diet and lifestyle, often with nutritional supplements, clients typically experience not just relief from symptoms, but also the benefits of improved overall health including digestion, energy, motivation and a more positive outlook. In fact, several clients choose Nutritional Therapy to maintain existing good health, strengthening their body systems and improving energy levels - which may help protect against future disease.

Nutritional causes of health problems…

Our body is a truly amazing machine, naturally inclined towards optimum health - but often undermined by a diet and lifestyle which upsets the health of organs and body systems, causing malfunctions in the body…and a wide range of resulting conditions.

…and solutions

People are often quite unaware of the amazing impact our food choices can make on our health. Dietary adjustments at the centrepiece of Nutritional Therapy ensure a varied intake of nutrient-rich food containing the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for general wellbeing and for specific health concerns. To enable the body to take full advantage of these nutrients, I work towards improving digestive function and liver detoxification, with the bonus of clearer skin, improved energy and sharper thinking.

Nutritional Therapy – what will my treatment involve?

Before the first appointment I will send out a detailed health and dietary questionnaire for you to complete and return one week before your appointment, including a 3 day food diary, in order to give me an overview of your current health and lifestyle.

The first appointment

This will build on the questionnaire and involve a detailed (but non-judgmental) discussion with you of your health history, current diet and lifestyle. Taking time to listen to you enables me to build up a detailed and comprehensive profile of your health, including likely causes contributing to your health problems.


This will enable me to devise an individual nutritional programme of dietary adjustments, manageable for you and appropriate for your health goals.


These are sometimes recommended in conjunction with dietary changes to restore long-term mineral and vitamin deficiencies (common in our modern nutrient-depleted diets). They may also accelerate health improvement.


Recommendations can cover areas such as exercise, relaxation, breathing techniques and sleep – and can be as simple as encouraging slower eating to improve digestion.

In summary…

Adjusting your choice of foods, adding in some nutritional supplements where necessary and making some lifestyle changes can make a huge impact, not only on your health conditions and symptoms, but also on your digestion, energy, motivation and sleep – helping you to enjoy a better quality of life!

Nutritional Therapy - Practical details

First appointment

£70 (approx 1½ hours)

This includes the appointment itself, the health and dietary prescription, any relevant nutritional handouts and all time spent before and afterwards on your questionnaire, case history and prescription. I can also offer you email support between appointments, for any brief questions. (Any recommended supplements will be charged separately).

Follow-up appointment

£35 (approx 40 mins)

This usually takes place after 6 weeks, to monitor and discuss your progress and any further health problems. At this point I may suggest adjustments to your diet, lifestyle and supplement prescription as your symptoms improve. I will discuss the timing and frequency of further appointments with you, so that we can put together a programme to suit you.

Nutritional Therapy consultations are available by telephone for those inable to travle, or living beyond the Perth and Dundee areas.

As a member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), I am bound by their strict code of ethics and practice.

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