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Read what some of Healthwise Perth's clients have to say about the therapies and the support they have recieved.






Nutritional Therapy

"Julia's nutritional advice and insight have helped me enormously. After years of blood sugar problems my system has settled into a cleaner state. Through following the sensible, easy to maintain eating routine and taking the recommended supplements, I feel healthier and have more energy."   EF, Cromarty

“Although I am a person who lives and eats healthily, I did get good information and advice. Julia is easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I received a detailed nutritional profile I can use e.g. advice on how to keep my blood sugar balanced, what to use to reduce histamine levels, reduce inflammatory conditions and aid digestion. I was very pleased with Julia’s services.” IB, Perth

“I would just like to say how grateful I am to you for helping me through the last few months.  I do believe that we are ‘what we eat’ and your guidance was invaluable. Your care and professionalism was very reassuring.  Being able to get my supplements directly from you was also a bonus as I find High Street shopping quite mind-blowing.  I would definitely recommend that anyone who wishes to help their health through nutrition or who needs guidance as to what vitamin/supplement works get in touch with you.  DIY in this area just doesn’t work!”  RP, Auchterarder

“My nutritional therapy sessions with Julia have greatly enhanced my health. When I first came to see Julia I was overweight, sluggish and my ongoing skin condition was really getting me down. Julia educated me about how to eat properly so I could control my sugar cravings. Changing my habits has helped me to lose nearly 2 stones in weight since my first session. The change in my eating habits has also given me a lot more energy.

Julia was able to correctly diagnose that my skin condition was due to my liver not functioning correctly. My skin condition has greatly improved due to Julia's suggestions. Before I came to see Julia I felt quite hopeless about my weight, my decreasing energy levels and my skin. I no longer feel like this. Health is a new experience for me. Julia's warm and caring personality combined with her knowledge and experience in the field of nutrition has inspired me to make the changes I needed to make. Thank you Julia!”   FD, Edinburgh

“Having been someone who suffered every winter with various bugs that I could never seem to shake off, I consulted Julia regarding my nutrition and the difference in my general health has been nothing short of amazing.  I could not have imagined that by taking a few supplements my life would be so transformed, as I am someone who eats well and looks after herself in a general sense.  It has been the identification and addressing the things that my body either doesn't produce or can't absorb from my diet that has altered everything.  Thank you, over and over” NT, Crieff



“Working all day with computers means that I suffer from a constant tightness in my shoulder and neck area. Shiatsu provides a gentle but effective relief from these symptoms. Julia is always welcoming, sympathetic and ready to listen to you, which is often as important as the physical side of the therapy.” DR, Blairgowrie

“Shiatsu has given me a physical resilience and positive outlook in controlling the effects of clinical depression." WT, Perth

“Regular Shiatsu treatments have enabled me to press some inner “button” which then helps me relax and cope with everyday stress and tension.” ML, Perth

“After 3 treatments for pain resulting from torn shoulder muscles, I felt a distinct improvement; pain was reduced to an occasional twinge and my range of arm movement considerably extended.” HM, Perth

“Following 2 shiatsu treatments with Julia, the prolonged headaches, probably due to stress & tension, began to ease: after a third session they went away completely. Her nutritional advice was also extremely useful.”    JL, Perth

“I found Shiatsu sessions with Julia most helpful during my cancer treatment, as they allowed me: to take some control over my condition, to try and keep my system as healthy as possible, to ‘unknot’ tense muscles and to receive emotional and physical support for me as a person CS, Scone


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP helped by erasing the trauma of a driving incident, thus enabling a quick recovery and return to motoring. I also found it beneficial in a conflict in the workplace situation.” CM, Perth

“The thought of receiving an injection filled me with fear. Weeks before requiring an injection I would repeatedly go through the procedure of receiving the injection in my head. For days beforehand I would feel sick, dizzy and most commonly I would faint either before or after the injection. A friend recommended me to go for an NLP consultation with Julia, though not having heard much about this technique I was rather sceptical and struggled to believe that such a treatment would allow me to overcome my phobia.

After a one hour session with Julia I booked in for one of my MMR boosters. Before the injection I did not even think about getting it and was able to control any anxiety I had much more effectively. Since then I have received all my boosters and am in the course of my 4 hepatitis B vaccines. I have very little fear before receiving injections now, and I can control any fear I do feel.” HR, Stirling


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